As a public relations practitioner the key message I chose for ”Antipodean Animal Agency” is ”We keep the Australian Wildlife alive”.


Figure 1: Identifying the Target Audience Source: Innovative Global Vision (2016)

My target audience lives in rural areas in Australia where they interact with animals on a regular basis which has influenced them and given them awareness of different species and extinction. Originated from more rural places have made them become more attached to the wild animals. They are highly patriotic and believe in the tough quarantine regulations to protect the native flora and fauna. That is also the reason why they feel the urge to participate and contribute financially or by volunteering. They do not desire a luxurious and materialistic lifestyle and believe volunteers are inspiring. Kindhearted and unselfish describe their personalities well.

According to Wilcox, Cameron, Reber, and Shinet (2013) one of the goals with communication was to get the audience to pay attention to the message. After the target audience have been identified accurately, we now are able to apprehend what is perceived to them as a compelling message. Promoting the fact that the agency is a non-profit charity is a winning concept. Likewise, their rescue line which is open around the clock is important to highlight and also the ability to become a volunteer themselves. Promoting these aspects would increase the possibilities to capture the audience’s attention and increase comprehension.



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